I was born in May, 1958 in the big

city of Tel-Aviv, Israel, surrounded

by art. Since both of my parents are

artists, I was exposed throughout

my childhood to art and artists of

many different styles, most of it

being abstract art. I learned to see

and appreciate things for their

shape, color and energy rather than

the actual object.

(Above,  Eilam in his workshop) 

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#1 Edaan & Eilam playing: Butterfly and Caterpillar (Flash) #6 "Kids at play"  (MOV video) (Flash)
#2  Carla & Eilam playing: Road to Glencpisdale (Flash) #7 Noahm  on piano 0808
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#4 Six year old Noahm learning a tune by ear (MOV video)  

Both of my parents sculpted in wood and as a child I spent many hours in my dad's studio learning the use of tools and developing the love for different grain patterns, colors, and textures each type of wood possesses.

Looking at a piece of raw wood is like reading a chapter in the life and history that that particular tree had lived.

About fifteen years ago I decided to make my living using my skills and passion for wood. With a lifetime of education and experience in the arts, wood working, and design, I obtained the large variety of tools needed to open my own shop.

I am dedicated to designing furniture from the point of view of the user, with an eye for clean lines, exposed joinery, using woods that compliment and bring out the character.

To the best of my ability, I try not to let limitation of tools, materials or technique dictate my design and often combine glass and metal to complement the wood. Each individual piece is a new and creative experience for me.

Our love of music brought me to making reproductions of Baroque and Renaissance flutes and recorders. These instruments require a very high level of machining and tooling. It is the lathe work of these fine instruments that caused me to become more interested in woodturning art.

There is no greater feeling than holding a piece which has that "right delicate balance", that looks so simple and so obvious, yet for some reason takes years to get right.

For a number of years now, I've been turning almost exclusively hollow forms, and hollow vessels. Hollowing the form through a very small opening, and achieving a unified wall thickness of about 1/8" (3 mm), mostly using tools that I have developed and made.

Today, I continue to design and build custom furniture. As the woodturning grows, I keep developing tooling to achieve the results I'm after.

My home and shop are in Ojai, California which is a rural and inspiring setting surrounded by mountains, trees, and music.

Today,  with the help of my wife Robin,  we continue to home-school our kids and provide the best environment for them to be challenged, explore and promote growth.

Continuing in my family tradition of learning "wood as a second language", they enjoy the time in their dad's shop.