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Eilam Byle

ABOUT MY WORK -I've been designing and customizing furniture for the past fifteen years. The last ten years I have specialized in woodturning, with emphasis on bowls, hollow vessels and forms. I started my work using tools that were readily available. As my needs grew and design ideas expanded, I have developed my own tools, techniques, and refined methods for dying and finishing wood, stabilizing green wood and creating hollow forms.

Some of the woods, such as Buckeye (horse chestnut), Spalted Maple, Redwood Burl, are extremely soft and present a special challenge in caring for the wood while working.

Tools need to be kept extremely sharp with the lathe spinning much faster than when working on harder woods such as Acacia, Osage Orange, etc. However, the character of the finished piece is well worth the extra time and care, no matter what type of wood is used.

Through my years of woodturning, I've developed an eye for shapes that with time, still maintain their balance and feel, and grow with you.

My hollow forms are evenly thinned and balanced to about 1/8" (3 mm). 

On stained pieces, I use both water and oil based dyes to highlight and bring out all of the character and beauty in the wood.

Furniture, like architecture, never stands alone. Since most of my work is custom designed, I enjoy detailed communication with my clients. It is this artist/client communication process that brings about the birth of a piece that utilizes existing features yet holds its own when placed into an existing decor.

Since I make individual pieces, I prefer not to just match the existing environment, but make a piece with a life of its own and roots in its surroundings.

Normally I would start with wood that is similar to other pieces that share its space, but not the same wood.

I like to celebrate the joinery rather than hide it, but not design a piece around its joinery.

Each piece displays an exquisite hand rubbed finish of multiple coats of Linseed or Tung oil. More durable finishes are available for utilitarian pieces such as a dining room table.

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